Zero Latency

Our investment in Zero Latency

Zero Latency VR is the global leader in the multi-player, Free Roam Virtual Reality (“FRVR”) technology space, and is widely regarded as the pioneers of ‘warehouse scale’ VR with over 50 sites across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.  ‘Free exploration’ is synonymous with Zero Latency VR’s experiences, which are set in large retail spaces, unlike ‘room-scale’ and tethered VR experiences available in the home and offered by competitors.  The Company creates immersive VR experiences, for up to 8 players, by combining premium hardware and player wearables with its market-leading technology, proprietary software and exclusive gaming content. 

The Opportunity

Zero Latency VR had established itself as one of the fastest-growing, and the most disruptive player in a sector that is at the intersection of technology, leisure and gaming.   The Business had reached an inflection point and was seeking additional expertise and capital to assist in accelerating its network expansion plans.   With consumers moving up the experience curve, increasing VR’s mass market appeal, Advent views this as a land-grab opportunity, and can see a path to triple the size of the network with significant whitespace identified globally.

How We Help

We believe that Zero Latency VR has massive growth potential and are working with the Management team to accelerate its growth by focusing on enhancing the Company’s marketing capability, the introduction of more sophisticated analysis around the site selection process, and strategies to improve unit economics.

Investment Information

FUND: Advent Partners 2


SECTOR: Technology, Entertainment

INV. DATE: August 2021

INV. TEAM: Symon Vegter, Mark Jago, Hesh Dantanarayana

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