SILK Laser Clinics

Our investment in SILK Laser Clinics

SILK is a leading non-surgical aesthetics clinic chain built on the foundations of superior customer service, latest technology and affordable prices. Positioned as ‘Affordable Luxury’, SILK’s offering includes a range of proven, high efficacy treatment across laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, skin treatments and body contouring. Since opening its doors in 2009, SILK has expanded to more than 50 sites across Australia.

The Opportunity

The SILK brand stood out to Advent in the highly fragmented beauty services industry for its approach towards service excellence and dedication to continually upskilling and educating its team of nurses and therapists. SILK had established itself as the leader in the South Australian market via its differentiated culture and core values. We felt that there was a significant opportunity to expand quickly into underserved geographies across Australia and to introduce more sophisticated analysis around the site selection process, and strategies to improve unit economics and ROI for franchisees.

How We Help

At the point of our investment, SILK had a network of 12 clinics across South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Within a 24 month period, Our investment SILK Laser Clinics enabled them to accelerate its expansion of its clinic footprint, entering new geographies across Australia to 50 locations. We have also helped the company implement data analytics to drive in-clinic performance and maximise revenue growth, introduce implementation of tools for operational efficiency, develop a multi-channel marketing strategy, and build out a highly credentialed leadership team to support the expansion.

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Investment Information

FUND: Advent Partners 2


SECTOR: Consumer

INV. DATE: Aug 2018

INV. TEAM: Brad Lynch, Robert Radcliffe-Smith