Integrated Control Technology

Our investment in Integrated Control Technology

Integrated Control Technology (ICT) is a global smart building technology company, which provides building management software and connected devices for commercial properties and critical infrastructure. The Business’ best-of-breed Protege solution features a comprehensive access control product range with extensive functionality enabled by its proprietary software and third-party integrations. The Business is headquartered in New Zealand, with a global footprint in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Opportunity

ICT has established itself as a global proptech player in the access control market with a leading product suite, strong customer advocacy and track record of growth. The Business had reached an inflection point and looking to accelerate its global expansion plans as customers increasingly seek best-of-breed access control solutions to support greenfield projects and transition legacy solutions. ICT is well positioned to capitalise on this growth given its extensive functionality, deep integrations, and interoperability with third party products.

How We Help

We believe ICT has significant growth potential and are working with the Management team to accelerate the next stage of growth. This includes increased investment in ICT’s global sales and marketing function, investment in R&D to evolve the product ecosystem, and building out systems and processes to enable the business to scale.

Investment Information

FUND: Advent Partners 3


SECTOR: Technology

INV. DATE: March 2022

INV. TEAM: Symon Vegter, Robert Radcliffe-Smith, Hesh Dantanarayana, Isabella Blakiston