Our investment in Flintfox

Flintfox is a leading developer of trade revenue management (TRM) software. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company is recognised as one of the most influential Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendors globally. Flintfox’s software is used by global trade and enterprise organisations to manage, track, and reconcile trade promotion and rebate expenditure, and execute multi-channel pricing strategies.

The Opportunity

Having built a global, market-leading and niche SaaS solution, Flintfox exhibited a number of highly sought after qualities in a software business and had arrived at a point where it required additional expertise and capital to assist with rapid scaling and growth. We worked with Flintfox to determine a number of growth initiatives including building out delivery capabilities in APAC and Europe, expanding the technology platform to ensure Flintfox’s best of breed TRM solution, and developing go-to-market initiatives to drive software sales and recurring revenues.

How We Help

We believe Flintfox has significant growth potential and are working with the Management team to accelerate the next stage of growth by focusing on key strategic levers including increased investment in the sales & marketing function, increased R&D and driving channel partner growth to further expand Flintfox’s market reach.

Investment Information

FUND: Advent Partners 2


SECTOR: Software

INV. DATE: June 2020

INV. TEAM: Symon Vegter, Brad Lynch