Social Pinpoint

Our investment in Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is leading global provider of SaaS solutions for community and stakeholder engagement.   Social Pinpoint’s products are used by governments, consultants, and corporate organisations to effectively engage communities and manage stakeholders in Australia, North America and UK/Europe. Since its establishment in Australia in 2003, the Business has expanded significantly via organic growth and acquisitions. It now operates internationally and offers two key products, Social Pinpoint, a Community Engagement (‘CE’) software solution and Consultation Manager, a Stakeholder Relationship Management (‘SRM’) software solution. The Business has ~75 staff and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.  

The Opportunity

Social Pinpoint is a major global player in the CE and SRM markets. The Company is well-positioned for strong growth as government customers increasingly focus on expanding their CE efforts and meeting compliance requirements. This includes reaching larger and more diverse groups of people in their jurisdictions. In addition, enterprise customers are turning towards software solutions to meet their ESG requirements, including protecting their brand reputation. In Australia, Social Pinpoint has established a strong presence, capturing ~30% market share, and being recognised as a market leader, differentiating itself through rich specialised functionality, and strong customer experience. Given the current low market penetration in CE/SRM products and the limited number of market participants, North America presents a white-space opportunity with significant growth potential.

How We Help

We believe Social Pinpoint has significant growth potential and are working with the Management team to execute on key initiatives, including accelerating growth in core markets (Australia and North America), improving group go-to-market strategy, acquiring complementary platforms, investing in the product roadmap and augmenting systems and processes to enable the business to scale.

Investment Information

FUND: Advent Partners 3


SECTOR: Technology

INV. DATE: November 2023

INV. TEAM: Symon Vegter, Rob Hooke, Isabella Blakiston


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