Advent Partners is committed to supporting sustainable businesses 
prioritising being great employers and good corporate citizens within our firm and our portfolio companies.

Advent Partners believes that responsible business practices help generate superior long-term performance. We want our firm and the companies we invest in to be genuinely focused on positively impacting stakeholders, society, and the environment.

Advent Partners’ Responsible Investment Policy

Advent Partners’ Responsible Investment policy incorporates its environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards. 
We expect both ourselves and our portfolio companies to adhere to the following principles:

  • Governance and business integrity
  • Risk, Quality and Compliance
  • Data and cybersecurity
  • Diversity of talent and equal opportunity
  • Growth, engagement and motivation
  • Purpose and culture
  • Remuneration practices
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Low carbon footprint and minimal impact on the environment
  • Community engagement
  • Positive relationships and transparency with external stakeholders
Environmental Sustainability

Advent Partners is committed to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of our firm and portfolio companies’ operations by identifying, measuring, and reducing carbon emissions. We take a collaborative and practical approach to managing climate change with our investors, stakeholders, and portfolio companies.

Our climate change approach is based on the Taskforce on
Climate-related Financial Disclosure’s (TCFD) recommendations.

Metrics and Targets

Our climate strategy applies to both our firm’s activities and our portfolio company activities, and we are working to measure and 
set targets to reduce GHG emissions.

Advent Partners supports The Paris Agreement goals, of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2°C and making efforts to limit 
it to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.

At the firm level, commitments include a net zero pledge aligned with the Paris Agreement, an annual review of an emissions reduction plan, maintaining carbon-neutral status, and annual reporting to investors. Net-zero commitments focus on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, with the possibility of purchasing carbon offset credits.

Firm Operations

At Advent Partners, every member of our investment team, regardless of seniority, is expected to take ownership of our Responsible Investment policy and ensure its effective implementation. The ultimate responsibility for Responsible Investment rests with the Advent Partners’ Board, which also functions as the Investment Committee.

The day-to-day operation and management of Advent’s Responsible Investment activities, including climate change, has been assigned to the Responsible Investment Committee (RI Committee).

Our firm operations are guided by the following 
four primary areas of focus:

Investment Program and Portfolio Companies

Advent has a long history of identifying and assessing material ESG issues during the investment process, of which climate-related issues now form a crucial component.

Advent believes material ESG and climate change issues can present opportunities and risks for the business and should be managed alongside other critical business matters.

Advent Partners
Board of Directors

Advent Partners Board of Directors provide oversight of our Responsible Investment efforts.


The RI committee, which is made up of Symon Vegter, Robert Radcliffe-Smith and Isabella Blakiston is responsible for advancing the firms responsible investment and climate change agenda.



The Investment Committee oversee Responsible Investing and climate change issues that are material to an investment when making a decision to invest.

Portfolio Company

Responsible for ensuring climate change risks and opportunities are managed during the investment period.

Pathzero Logo 1

Strategic Partnership: third-party climate experts advises Advent on RI climate related matters.

Who we collaborate with

We encourage cross-industry collaboration and constructive dialogue to advance RI and climate action. Advent supports and participates in the following ESG and climate-focused initiatives and industry groups.

  • Advent / Pathzero Strategic Partnership: since 2020 we have worked with Pathzero to measure and reduce their greenhouse 
gas emissions for our firm and portfolio companies. In 2022, we established a Strategic Partnership with Pathzero to support the firm’s efforts.
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD): 
In January 2023 Advent declared public support for the TCFD recommendations by officially becoming TCFD affiliated.
  • ESG Data Convergence Initiative: since 2022, Advent has participated in the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI). 
Advent was the first Australia/New Zealand General Partner
to participate in the initiative.
  • Paris Agreement: We support the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • LPs, Investors and other industry stakeholders.

In developing its RI and Climate policy, Advent Partners has regard to the following frameworks:

  • The Australian Investment Council’s Code of Private Equity Governance and Code of Conduct, ESG Resource Guide and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guides;
  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Framework;
  • RIAA (Responsible Investment Association Australasia); and
  • UNPRI guidance.

This page serves as a public statement of Advent Partner’s commitment to Responsible Investment and recognises the critical importance of ESG factors in our firm and its investment decisions. Through a comprehensive approach that integrates ESG considerations across all stages of the investment process, Advent Partners actively addresses ESG and climate change risks and opportunities. The firm’s public statements reflect a dedication to sustainability, ethical conduct, and a long-term vision for positive societal impact.

We have developed and reported to our investors our Responsible Investing Policy and Climate Change Policy (incorporating TCFD). Advent’s RI and Climate Change Policies are available upon request.

We publish an Annual Responsible Investing Report for our investors.